District 201Q3, Brisbane Australia

1988-1993 - Brisbane Oxley-Sherwood

Local - Catering

October 25 1992 All the Lions Clubs in our Zone were at the YMCA Corporate Cup day in numbers to cater for the hungry and thirsty. We dragged our trusty van out from tile heaven to the green pastures of the University of Queensland rugby oval number 5, fired up the burners, and awaited the hungry throngs. Only $1.50 for a hot-dog with tomato sauce, with mustard, or for those with more exotic tastes, with both.

While we waited for the customers we had time to watch the events unfold. The running races, from 60 metre relays for the once-a-year athletes and their unstretched hamstrings, to 5000 metres for the more serious, hopefully more regular, competitors.

The tunnel ball and leader ball events so that everyone could have a go, and a good excuse for an innocent cuddle perhaps? The tennis for the early birds, and the tug-of-war, ably anchored by some well past their athletic prime. All striving for glory and company pride.

Which of the accounting firms finished up ahead, and who was doing the counting? Are lawyers faster on their feet than the CJC? Who had the loudest cheer squad? I wouldn't have a clue, however if they all put as much effort into their normal work as they did into these events, Queensland is in good shape for the future.

Apparently our efforts impressed the right people and we scored an invitation to cater for the Lord Mayor's Australia Day Concert.

We supplied and manned the hot-dog van, with assistance from our Lionesses on the tea and coffee, while other clubs manned two drinks vans, two ice-cream vans, and another food van selling a sausage sizzle. We never stopped from when we opened the vans about 3pm until the end of the concert at 7:30, and we were still selling a few after the fireworks display at 8:30pm. The drinks and ice-cream vans had all sold out by 6:30, and by the end of the night we had sold over 1000 hot-dogs.