District 201Q3, Brisbane Australia

1983-1988 - Brisbane Sherwood

June 30 1988  Brisbane Sherwood Lions Club surrendered its charter, with members transferring to Brisbane Oxley-Corinda Lions Club.

Local - Hearing Dogs

Our club has sponsored two Hearing Dogs. The first, "Ziggy" was sponsored by Sherwood in August 1986 to Ruth, and her husband Blair of Graceville. A charity night was held at the Sherwood Services Club, raising $850 towards the sponsorship cost. The second, "Indi", went to Kylie and her husband Mick of Oxley in 1997.

Both recipients had others depending on them, Ruth an invalid husband, and Kylie a new son born just seven weeks before Indi was delivered.

The purpose of the dogs, coincidentally both terrier crosses, was to allow their recipients much more freedom to move around the house and yard, but still be able to respond when needed.

The placement of "Ziggy" worked very well, but unfortunately "Indi" had to be returned to Adelaide after she caused a lot of problems and damage chewing babies toys, clothes, in fact just about anything she could get her teeth into.